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SEO Experts Review Your Website
You have had a website for a while but it’s never seemed to do a lot to help your business. You know you could be doing a whole lot more when it comes to online marketing – but you just don’t know where to start. seo expertOur expert review of your online marketing is a great place to begin to effectively market your business online..  We will explain to you exactly where you stand and what you need to do to get on track.  We will do it language that is easy to understand and you will make sure you have all of the information that you need to make better marketing decisions.

We provide SEO Expert Services for businesses that want to improve their online visibility so that they can drive website traffic and increase business activity. If your site can’t be found in the search engines for the terms buyers of your products or services use – you simply have no chance of gaining their business. It’s that simple.

Clients hire SEO Expert Review because of our 8 year track record of delivering results. The application of our deep knowledge of search engine marketing enables our clients to get the search engine ranking they need.

The outcome of each SEO project is a 12-14 page report delivered to the client or design company as a PDF document. We work directly with the client, design company or developer to ensure that the changes are implemented correctly. Once the SEO changes are in place we will begin to track the sites search engine ranking. We will report this data to you quarterly for the first year.

All of our SEO Review Projects start with research and analysis of several important factors:

Keyword Research – how do people search for your products/services
Competitive Research – who scores highly for the terms you want to score highly for
Density Analysis – how are the competitive sites structured
Known Issue Analysis (for existing sites)
Competitive Analysis – where are the opportunities, how tough is the competition?
PPC Analysis – analysis of pay per click advertising opportunity for targeted keywords
Current Status – current search visibility

More details on or SEO Expert Review marketing report here

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